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No Frankenfoods Here– Just Super Cute and Easy Halloween Ideas!

cute halloween pepper

Image from citronlimette.

It’s a fright trying to avoid scary GMOs, wasteful packaging, and spooky high fructose corn syrup around Halloween. What’s a health conscious Mummy or Daddy to do? Never fear– Greenling’s got your back! We asked our Facebook fans for some advice for keeping Halloween healthy and safe for their special diet kiddos- here’s what they said:

Artemis K., whose son has Type 1 Diabetes, says, “Please don’t hand out just candy! Other options are nickels or quarters, tattoos, rings, toothbrushes, be creative!”

Mary Alice K. recommends additional, non-sweet treats. “I feature a mix of candy along with other fun trinkets like themed-pencils, sidewalk chalk, stickers, glow sticks, etc.”

Local blogger Evin C. (Food Good Laundry Bad) has been Instagramming a series of spooky lunchbox ideas for her food dye-free son. Her recipe for a lunchbox “mummy” calls for grass-fed hot dogs and organic tortillas, instead of the trans-fat filled crescent roll dough found in many versions of the treat. Scroll down for the full recipe and a picture! She also created “ghosts” out of string cheese sticks by using a marker to draw a scary face on the side of the packaging.

Visit our Halloween Board on Pinterest for even more fun tricks and treats! And thanks for making fun, healthy, and organic treats part of your family’s Halloween traditions.

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A Cause for Celery-bration!


It might be corny, but we are all smiling ear to ear! You’ve voted Greenling Best Food Delivery in Austin – again!  That makes it the 7th year in a row that you’ve voted for Greenling in the Austin Chronicle Best Of Polls, and we are taking that very cerealiously. In fact, we say that’s pretty figgin’ sweet!  We’re cooking up some fun events this Fall to show our caprese-ation, so keep an eye on this newsletter and our Facebook to stay in the know!

All puns aside, Greenling has been working hard to grow the local food movement in Central Texas since 2005. We are proud to be the largest single source for local food anywhere. Thanks to your support of local and sustainable food, Greenling has put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the Central Texas economy, saved thousands of gallons of fuel, and helped heal the planet by working exclusively with sustainable farmers. It’s corny how much those things mean to us, and we are grapeful that they matter to you, too!

Thank you from the bottom of our artichoke hearts for recognizing our efforts. Together we can support small and larger local producers alike, and grow awareness of why local food matters. And don’t worry, no matter how many awards we win, we promise we’ll keep both feet in the soil!

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Making the Most of Your Local Box

It’s easy to get excited about all the goodies in your Local Box! But sometimes it can be difficult to decide how you’re going to allot the items for the meals of the week.  Here are some guidelines to extend the life of your Greenling Local Box contents from me, a Local Box veteran! Do you have any tips? Tweet, post on Facebook, or comment here!

1. Be Nosy. Find out what’s coming in the Local Box before it shows up! Whether you’re on a weekly schedule or if you just pick and choose when to place an order, you’ll want to prepare for the upcoming week. Every Friday afternoon, you’ll see a list of contents for the upcoming week in the newsletter (aka the Field Report!) as well as listed here on the website for each city. This step should be completed by Sunday morning.


2.  Be Lazy. Being Nosy (Step 1) allows you to be lazy in the coming week by MEAL PLANNING!  Sounds daunting, but it’s really word association food game… and much more fun than that spreadsheet you’re working on at the office on Friday afternoon. Just think: leeks… potatoes… hmmm…. potato leek soup!   Come up with 3 dishes that use some or all of the ingredients.  The Greenling recipe blog and previous Local Box meal plans are full of ideas if you’re stumped, especially for those exciting in-season items. Don’t worry about writing down the recipe, just bookmark it for later.


3.  Be Greedy.  Don’t forget that you can add items to your Greenling order! Now’s the time to do it, since you’ve done the meal planning and you know what you need. Local chicken, canned tomatoes, local cream, herbs, Texas olive oil? They’ve got you covered!

3.  Be even Lazier! The day your Greenling Local Box arrives, plan a quick dinner that does NOT involve your new Local Box. This can be a night for takeout or leftovers or what’s left of last week’s Local Box. I like this quick dinner night because it leaves me lots of time in the evening to prep for the week ahead!

4.  Be Annoying.  Open your box. Take a photo. Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook the heck out of it.  This is a very important step. These veggies are super fresh and just begging to have their photo taken. Plus, you can use Greenling’s Refer A Friend coupon and get 10% off for doing it!

5.  Be a Grown Up.  Just this once, get a head start on your weekly meals! Take a look at the Local Box insert and follow instructions for storage. Should that tomato be refrigerated? No sir! Upon arrival, most veggies can be cleaned and prepped.  Give all the lovin’ you can to those veggies… your spouse can wait.

  • Leeks, spring onions, and greens (spinach, kale, etc.) should be rinsed in cold water in a large bowl.  The dirt will quickly settle at the bottom of the bowl. Leeks need a little more attention.  After they are rinsed, shake out the excess water.  The greens should be cradled (yes, it’s a term of love) in a paper napkin to absorb moisture, and stored in a plastic container, plastic bag, or in the vegetable drawer in your fridge.
  • For veggies with greens, separate the edible greens from the root. Wash the greens (not the roots) and store in separate plastic bags in the refrigerator.
  • Fruits with skins need a quick rinse (tomatoes, avocado, mango, etc). Yes, even if you don’t eat the skin (like mangoes) rinsing is recommended!
  • Berries, peaches, and other soft fruits should be rinsed only right before consuming. Take a peek inside the container and remove any mushy or moldy berries.
  • Live plants should be… planted! Most cut herbs should be stored with a bit of water in a jar, and loosely covered in plastic.
  • If you know you’ll be making something that requires cooked root veggies (potato salad, beet pizza, carrot & avocado salad, etc.), you can always roast, bake, or boil a few days in advance and store in the fridge. This is a great solution for lunchtime salads and quick weeknight dinners!

strawberry kissing melon

6. Be Partial.  Use the Local Box insert to judge what to eat first, and how to store your fruits and veggies. Generally speaking, soft veggies and thin greens should be eaten first.  That’s okay though because the other tough leaves and root veggies can handle the favoritism.  They have a thicker skin. Root veggies and collard or mustard greens have a longer life.  Take this into account when you are going to Be Lazy (Step 2).


7.  Be Frugal.  You are going to use every single bit of that box. You paid for it, farmers and harvesters worked hard for it, and it’s something good you’re doing for the environment and your body! Eat the greens and the roots- yes, even carrot tops are totally edible. Keep those extra peels and cores and ends to make easy vegetable stock. Make shredded salads, pesto, and/or garnishes from the extra greens. And if you find you have more pesto, soup, stock, etc. than you can eat in one week, just freeze it! Homemade frozen meals from your Local Box are an awesome way to get away from the sodium and preservatives found in packaged frozen food. Plus, you’ll be able to eat seasonal goodies like frozen berries and fresh pesto year round!

DSC_0045 (1280x851)

8. Be courteous.  Leave your empty Greenling box along with any of the cooling packs on your doorstep for the next round. You might even leave a nice non-meltable treat (biscotti? a travel mug?) for the Greenling Delivery dude/dudette to show you appreciate him/her. It’s hot out there!


You should tip for delivery and dashing good looks… don’t you think he deserves a tip?


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Get Your Beach On- Take a Vacation from the Grocery Store and Win a Trip for Two to Playa Viva!


“I love battling traffic to drive to the store and shop for groceries, especially when it’s over 100 degrees outside!” …said no one ever. Skip all that hassle and take a vacation from the grocery store this July, and you might win an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico! Starting this week, Greenling and Playa Viva resort are teaming up to give away a vacation for two along the beautiful beaches of Zihuatenejo, Mexico.*

The winner of our Sustainable Summer Giveaway will receive an all-inclusive 6 day / 5 night stay for 2 adults in a deluxe suite at the Playa Viva eco-friendly resort. Guests at Playa Viva have the opportunity to go horseback riding along the beach, dine on meals harvested from an onsite organic garden and relax in solar-powered luxury. The resort even has a turtle sanctuary onsite! Sounds like somewhere you’d like to vacation, right? Get excited, there are three ways to enter:

  1. Get shopping– every Greenling delivery over $50 in the month of July is a chance to win!
  2. Refer a friend to using the “Refer a Friend” tab on our Facebook page. When they place their first order of any size, you are entered to win!
  3. Add a $5 donation to one of Greenling’s charity partners or the Playa Viva’s Turtle Sanctuary on your Greenling order of any size. Every donation in the month of July is a chance to win!

Greenling is proud to bring local and organic food right to your doorstep, and when we can help you take a vacation from driving to the store, that’s even better. We’ll be celebrating our Sustainable Summer Giveaway all month long with mini-giveaways and sales! You can keep up with the fun on our Facebook page, Twitter, and right here on the blog using the hashtag #VivaGreenling!

For our first contest, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you need a vacation. Five lucky commenters will win a Local Box + Farmstead Box, enjoying the best local produce and products their region has to offer! We’ll announce 1 winner on Facebook and on the blog every Monday in July. One comment/entry per person.

Ordering the Local Box ($34.99) with the Farmstead Box ($15.99) is a great way to hit that $50 order mark- successfully entering you to win the Playa Viva trip!

*Official Rules

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Summer Down Now! Summer Meal Kits are Here!


Happy First Day of Summer! What, did you already think it was summer? The summer solstice occurred at 12:04 this morning marking today as the official first day. Besides it hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet and Greenling hasn’t released our Summer Meal Kits! While you might be dreading that first day of 100 degrees, Greenling’s Summer Meal Kits are a reason for celery-bration. Made with delicious summer produce, these meal kits are quick and easy just like a summer fling!

Main Dishes

Gyro Tacos
Mediterranean Couscous with Chickpeas & Eggplant
Provolone Pesto Pizza with Summer Vegetables

Side Dishes

Grilled Eggplant Skewers with Creamy Dill Dipping Sauce Side Kit
Grilled Summer Vegetable Skewers Side Kit
Basil Balsamic Peach Salad Side Kit
Cheesy Zucchini Rice Side Kit
Cucumber Tomato Salad Side Kit
Lemon Potato Salad Side Kit
Mexican Squash Saute Side Kit
Quinoa Tabouli Side Kit
Roasted Eggplant Salad Side Kit
Southwestern Pasta Salad Side Kit

Summer 2-Meal Kits

Summer 2-Meal Kit #1 (Herbed Sausage & Summer Squash + Southwestern Quinoa Pilaf)
Summer 2-Meal Kit #2 (Gyro Tacos + Thai Stir-Fry with Eggplant & Beef)
Summer 2-Meal Kit #3 (Summer Spinach Salad with Chicken & Peaches + Pasta alla Teresa)

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