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Let’s Have “The Talk”

9eWxWueMW9LpvfjmD-QAgJGcyJ8MTsliryQUSYvxYdAj2qzGU62YSLqSL541yFwWvP176rpG0kemelYX2oVb24KHk-1TVonPq9zKcuQXs_xy0Cq1kFJjoE-TQeOY3_JeLio=s0-d-e1-ftGMO. These three little letters shouldn’t be hard to say, yet they are a hot topic that most grocery stores just don’t want to discuss. That’s right– it’s time to have the talk about GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms, that is.

What are GMOs and why should we care? Here’s the long answer. The short version of the story is, ginormous agriculture companies like Monsanto created these organisms years ago to get rich selling expensive toxic chemicals, like Roundup, to American farmers. In order to make plants that would survive incredibly high doses of pesticide, these companies spliced and diced the plant genomes with those of other organisms.

The health effects of these modified seeds on their own are questionable at best. But when you consider that GMO crops are bathed in toxic chemicals from sprout to harvest, things get real. The environmental damage caused by GMOs is astounding. According to a widely-praised Washington State University study, pesticide use on GMO crops has increased by 527 million pounds in the past 16 years. As weeds become resistant to pesticides, Monsanto creates stronger pesticides to keep up. More pesticides beget stronger weeds, and pretty soon there are superweeds threatening the food supply. Don’t even get us started on how GMO crops have been shown to increase food allergies in children.

These unlabeled, harmful organisms are incredibly prevalent in America’s food supply. According to the Non-GMO Project, up to 94% of the corn, canola, soy, sugar beets, and soy grown in the United States are GMO. If you’re eating processed food from non-Certified Organic sources, chances are a large percentage of your diet is genetically modified. We don’t want to be alarmists by sharing this frightening information, but we care a lot about the health of the earth and the health of our customers. That’s why you won’t find GMOs at Greenling!

Greenling is one of just a very small number of  Non-GMO Project Supporting Retailers in Texas. We are proud that the food we carry comes from local and Certified Organic growers who share our commitment to keep food GMO-free. If a product is local and we can’t personally verify that an ingredient is GMO-free, we either don’t carry the product, or we clearly label the risk in the product ingredients on our website. We want you to be informed when you buy! If you’re passionate about avoiding GMOs, we hope you’ll join us! By voting with our wallets, we can send the message that we value safe, healthy, natural foods, sans GMOs.

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Spotted: Farmer Heroes in the News!

A1xxK_d75wkNioKNDgBLLT_B0Hk4wJJZzV6Nkhi8k803sejG5feixaxX4_29yqxGPd4ALdGJRFTJj424tVPm6YpFVww-YDCXPp2_5oET5jgJnamym2rRn8OWcwKsfjxyjSuE=s0-d-e1-ftLook who was in the news this week: our beekeeping hero Brandon Pollard of Texas Honeybee Guild was featured in the Dallas Observer as part of their “100 Favorite Dallasites of 2013.” Brandon and his wife, Susan, are the bees knees, and their honey is bee-yond delish. Kudos, Brandon, for the well-deserved recognition!

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Four Easy Ways to Eat Clean in 2014

pdxobEaij55CGNawSGbr-C1sH154Nun08FJKYsUiwzDjk0xy9EVMtdP43-LNIv8rI_reD6zLkjkyKMVudw2nZnkO80dccP263E5lLERh3YcbY7iAQlna0zRZ2_UJ0w4cvsVl-7Ny=s0-d-e1-ftThere’s a diet out there for everyone. Whether you’re eating Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, or some other way in the New Year, lettuce support you by bringing healthy groceries to your door! From the Local Box to special-diet friendly Meal Kits, Greenling can help you to eat clean in 2014.

Get on a Delivery Schedule

Eating healthy gets much, much easier when good foods come to you automatically. Setting up a weekly delivery is hands-down the easiest way to stick to your goals this year. Plus, think of all the time, calories, and money you’ll save by avoiding the junk food aisles at the grocery store!

Ignore Temptation with Easy Online Shopping

Greenling’s new shopping page makes it super easy to load up on healthy choices. You can browse by categories like produce or healthy snacks to find healthy, fresh foods without all the junk. The local, organic, vegan and gluten-free filters at the top of every shop page make it easier than ever to find the foods that are just right for you. Choose the filter you’d like, and only those types of products will be visible!

Keep a Meal Kit (or 5) in the Fridge

Defeat the drive-through temptation with meal kits! These convenient kits use all local and organic ingredients, and everything arrives ready to cook. If one of your resolutions is to cook at home more frequently, Meal Kits are a great way to stick with it when times are busy.

Make New Foodie Friends

Stumped by a new veggie? Looking for some recipes? Connect with the thousands of other Greenling customers who are part of the local food movement in Central Texas. Visit our blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to find a whole community of folks eating local and healthy– just like you!

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Greenling Bin Round-up!

CMedBIa5cjQbpUobNvgVgI_1C8HM2NCb35Aw-1Vc_faFpOf7foRdljGEK7ivUeTWTRlB9E6AhrO6FDAU3UN7r7isDv-Oo2lPn3ygoumOIgeM0Rn0UhVrngwZ5o_L-Ax8kTNsEoo=s0-d-e1-ftYou know those handy green bins sitting around your house? We sure would like them back! Please make a note to put out all Greenling bins (and packing materials!) the day of your next scheduled delivery. If you are not placing an order next week, please call us at (469) 656-7913 for Dallas customers, (512) 440-8449 for Austin and Houston customers to schedule a courtesy pick-up.

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Last Chance to Win a KitchenAid!

kitchenaidgiveaway_06_19This holiday season, we’ve got the hook-up for one lucky customer: a brand new KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in the color of their choice, plus $100 to spend at We don’t mean to brag, but Santa’s got nothin’ on this giveaway! Entering is as easy as pie, and you have double the chance to win when you participate in our Books 4 Kids holiday book drive! Head over to our Facebook page orthe Greenling blog for all the sweet deets.

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Give the Gift of Greenling!

OudjLps4NrsaIUr8-ZnycMqB0YocFUS3udBqqygBamSg5JrwwT0PQ0zt3X6cbpvN6ZMsxck0RrWF4lOkP3z85qbux_M5F33yJp-Ecids19jSUmAluI6sU4wEOAAQzf0-Nt13=s0-d-e1-ftThe stockings may be hung by the chimney with care, but have you figured out what to stuff them with? Greenling can help deliver sustainable and delicious gifts to everyone on your nice list! Our Fresh Fruit Gift Box is just the thing for clients and colleagues, while the Afternoon Delight or Chocolate Rain Boxes will send a sweet message to the loved ones in your life. There are even family-sized gift boxes like the Early Bird (pictured above) for friends and neighbors! Shop the full selection at our Gift Page.

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