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Action Alert: Speak up for Small Farms!

actionalert_06_20This update is from our friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. We are proud to support their efforts, and hope that you will consider contacting the FDA on behalf of small farms and food artisans.

The FDA recently proposed food safety regulations which pose significant problems for sustainable farmers, food producers, and food hubs across the country. Under the proposed regulations, many farmers will be forced to comply with high-cost, industrial-scale regulations. They will be unable to use traditional, sustainable growing practices like composting. Food hubs and local food businesses will be forced to deal with costly and burdensome paperwork. Ultimately, consumers will face increased food prices and reduced availability of local and sustainable foods.

CLICK HERE to read more about the regulations and how they hurt small farms, and then let the FDA know that you oppose these regulations.

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Thanksgiving Shortcuts from Real Simple

cranberries_06_29Looking for some shortcuts for Turkey Day? Real Simple magazine recently featured a few items from our shelves in its round up of Thanksgiving time savers!

  • Wholly Wholesome Organic Pie Shells were named “Best Pie Crust” for Thanksgiving. According to Real Simple, “Experienced bakers dubbed this crust “amazing―it’s super flaky and soft, with a hint of butter.” Not too sugary, it is suited to sweet or savory fillings.
  • Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin Puree was named “Best Pumpkin.” Real Simple, readers “like that it’s thick and creamy, not runny, like the other purees…and the amber color is gorgeous.”
  • Grown Right Organic Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce was named “Best Cranberry Sauce.” The magazine said “The full, plump cranberries delivered the “taste and consistency of juicy, fresh fruit, and it isn’t at all watery.”

You can see the entire list of Real Simple picks on their website. And if you’re looking for even more Thanksgiving short-cuts, check out our holiday side kits. These all-organic and local meal kits contain all the prepped ingredients for favorite sides like stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, and more!

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Staff Picks from our “Code Slaw,” Bill!

billcodeslaw_06_19Have you seen the new We’ve rebuilt our website based on customer feedback, and it’s butter than ever! Behind all these changes is our fearless tech leader, “Code Slaw” Bill. He and his team have been working like crazy on the new website for the past few months, fueled by a diet of fair trade coffee and organic snacks. Here, in his own words, are a few of Bill’s favorite Greenling things:

Banana Seconds - Ok, maybe not as glamorous as some of our other products, but I really appreciate banana seconds. I don’t mind a few blemishes because I use them for smoothies, and I appreciate that I can get bananas delivered to me for such a value.

Grandma’s Mediterranean Hummus - It’s the best hummus I’ve ever had, hands down. Plus, Grandma’s is in Austin, so I feel good about supporting a great, local business.

Bearded Brothers Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bars They’re the best tasting energy bars I’ve had; not full of sugar like almost all the commercial ones. They’re also wholesome, fresh, and local!

Oh, and if you still haven’t seen the new site, please log in to your account and go check it out! You need to be a Greenling customer to enjoy it now, but we’ll be opening the experience up to everyone very soon

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Make the Moooove to Organic Dairy!

cow infographic

When choosing which foods to buy organic, it’s easy to overlook dairy. After all, organic and conventional milk often taste the same.Take a look at how the milk is made, however, and you’ll see that organic dairy takes the cheese! According to Stonyfield Farms, organic dairy cows eat 50% fresh pasture (grass), 40% alfalfa hay, and 10% non-GMO grain. This healthy diet of roughage helps the cows stay healthy and happy, so there’s no need to treat them with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Conventional cows aren’t so lucky. Their diet is 40% alfalfa hay and 60% GMO soy and corn. That soy, corn, and hay is sprayed heavily with pesticides before if gets to the cows, too. According to Stonyfield Organics, 42 billion pounds of pesticides per year are used to produce dairy feed!

Greenling only carries local or organic dairy that is raised with access to open pasture, and fed a diet of non-GMO, pesticide-free feed. Whether you choose local dairy from Mill-King, or a certified organic brand like Stonyfield or Organic Valley, you’ll be supporting dairy farmers that use sustainable practices that benefit the earth and their cows.


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No Fowl Play from our Farmers!

Image from MatsonPhoto.

Image from MatsonPhoto.

How well do you know your Thanksgiving turkey? If you buy your turkey from a conventional grocery store like most Americans, you might not realize that nearly all of the 46 million turkeys consumed every year come from a factory farm. Although these birds are often packaged with claims like “all natural” and “farm-fresh,” their living conditions are nothing to brag about. In order to make weight in time for Thanksgiving, conventional turkeys are subjected to truly awful conditions, including tortuous feeding schedules and a steady diet of GMO feed and antibiotics.

We just can’t get on board with that at Greenling. That’s why you won’t find a single factory-farmed option in our line-up of Thanskgiving products. All of our meats come from family farms like Jim and Kay Richardson’s up the road near Rockdale, Texas. Jim is a retired veterinarian, and he raisees his turkeys in open pastures without growth hormones or antibiotics. The birds’ diets consist of green grass, bugs, and non-GMO feed.

It takes a little more work to source sustainable turkeys for the holiday, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our buyer, “Sargent Pepper” James, works closely with the Richardsons as early as June to ensure our customers will have Thanksgiving turkeys. He stays in touch with them throughout the growing season so we know exactly how many birds we can bring to you! And instead of the one-turkey-fits-all approach you get from conventional stores, Greenling customers choose between a large (18-24 lb.) or a medium (14-18 lb.) turkey when they order. This flexibility allows Richardson Farms’ turkeys to grow at their own pace and eat as they like, with happy living conditions from hatch to harvest. No crash-diets or force feeding like he Big Guys!

Sustainable and humane practices like these may cost a little more, but our farmers– and our customers– tell us again and again that they are worth it. We think you’ll agree that the chance to support a local farm by choosing a local turkey this Thanksgiving is something to be grateful for!

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new Greenling website

A brand new is coming soon! Based on your feedback, we’ve redesigned the shopping area of our website and we think you’ll agree that the new the is ‘butter’ than ever!

We’ll be unveiling the site soon, but if you already have a Greenling account, you can get a sneak peek! We’re inviting our customers to check out the beta version and ‘lettuce’ know what you think! (If you haven’t created an account, unfortunately you won’t be able to try it out yet. But soon, we promise!)

Ready to go? Click here to start shopping on the new site now! You’ll need to log in to your account. We’re still beta testing, and are continually fixing bugs and making improvements. We’d love it if you used the “Leave Feedback” link in the top left to ‘lettuce’ know if you run into anything weird- or just to tell us how you like it. We hope you love the new look as much as we do!


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