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Give Back: Heifer Project International

Founded by a farmer over 70 years ago, Heifer International is one of our favorite international aid organizations. The way Heifer International works is awesome. Instead of just giving families in need a handout, they work deeply with these communities to “teach them to fish” and build sustainable revenue streams.

They start by partnering with families in historically impoverished communities. Heifer provides training, and animals that generate both food and reliable income. The families put in the work to farm and sell their goods. In turn, they also give the animals’ offspring to neighbors. Heifer International keeps the cycle going with additional training and support, and eventually an entire community is transformed through sustainable agriculture. This income helps build schools, infrastructure, and ensures families have sustainably produced, healthy food. Win-win-win!

We think the Heifer Project is amazing. (If that’s not enough, check out what  Alton Brown has to say about them!) You can learn more about Heifer International at their website, and if you’re so inclined, add a $5 donation to the organization to your next Greenling order. They’re just one of the nonprofit organizations we support together all year long.

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Turkey Day Remix!

thanksgiving leftovers Every year, we look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers almost as much as the main meal. There’s pancakes embellished with cranberry sauce, crispy pan-fried stuffing and mashed potatoes, and, of course, turkey sandwiches. Of course, eating up every last scrap of that Turkey Day feast is not only delicious, it’s eco friendly, too!

Need some inspiration for your leftovers? The Kitchn blog recently published a great round-up of recipes for those leftover. Our favorite recipes from their collection are linked below, and you can read their full article for even more great ideas!

Recipe: Easy Turkey Pot Pie

Recipe: Baked Apples with Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Recipe: Cranberry Buttermilk Pancakes

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Greenling Books 4 Kids Holiday Book Drive

We are excited to announce our first-ever holiday book drive! Starting this week, Greenling drivers will be collecting children’s books in all of our delivery areas to benefit local children’s hospitals. Giving books is easy– just leave them in your green bin next time you’re expecting a delivery. Our friendly drivers will pick up the books along with your bin, and later in the season we will take all the books to area children’s hospitals! If you don’t have an order on the way and still want to give to the book drive, call our customer service team at 512-440-8449 to schedule a pick-up.


We will be picking up children’s books for the entire month, so raid those bookshelves for like-new books, or grab a few new books while you’re out and about this weekend. The hospitals have requested books in new or like-new condition, since well-loved and heavily used books might carry germs.

Be sure to tell your friends across Texas– Greenling customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are invited to participate! Customers in Austin and San Antonio will be supporting Dell Children’s Hospital Library. Dallas Fort Worth books will be donated to Chilren’s Medical Center Library, and books collected in Houston will go to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Customers who participate in the book drive will receive 10 entries towards Greenling’s KitchenAid Holiday Giveaway. Our driver will leave a doorhanger at participating homes with a special passcode for the giveaway, which customers can enter below.  Our goal is to collect as many books as possible to bring a little joy to the reading rooms at the hospitals this holiday season.  Thanks in advance for all your help towards this worthy cause!



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Go Green for Black Friday!

giftcard_06_18Pssst… Can you keep a secret? We can’t, so we’re sharing our Black Friday sale with you! Friday, November 29th, we will be offering a super sweet savings on Greenling Gift Cards. Getting this special deal is so much easier than waiting in line at the mall, and eco-friendly, too!

For every $100 of Greenling gift cards you give that day, we’ll send you a $20 gift card back! For every $50 of Greenling gift cards you give, we’ll send you a $10 gift card back! That means you can send your friends the gift of Greenling delivery, and get your own gift cards to buy healthy and delicious food for your family, too!

We’ll include a link to buy the gift cards in next Friday’s newsletter. This special savings is available only for gift cards purchased Friday, November 29th. We’re not offering any refunds from this special deal, and the cards are not redeemable for cash. Other than that, there are no string (beans) attached! Just some sweet savings for our sweet customers.

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A Thanksgiving Tempeh?

Image from The Hearty Vegan.

Image from The Hearty Vegan.

Thanksgiving sans turkey may sound blasphemous to some, but for many Americans, a plant-based holiday is the way to go! Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or an occasional vegetarian, it’s worth including at least a few meat-free options in your Thanksgiving menu. After all, at most holiday gatherings, there are a variety of special diets and food preferences. Here are a few of our favorite resources for planning a Turkey Day without the turkey.

The New York Times publishes a comprehensive recipe database of meat-free Thanksgiving dishes each year. Most of the options are drool-worthy and surprisingly easy.

Our friends at The Hearty Vegan not only make the best GMO-free tempeh in town, they’ll also teach you how to use it! We’ve had their recipe for Thanksgiving Tempeh and it’s hands down the best vegan main dish we’ve tried for the holidays.

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3 Thanskgiving Shortcuts You Won’t Find at the Grocery Store

gbcasserole_06_25Ready or not, Thanksgiving is just four days away. That means the grocery store will be 100% crazy, with traffic jams, turkey haggling, and that horrible feeling when you have to push a cold, wet cart all the way in from the edge of the parking lot. Skip all that and relax! We’ve got you covered with Thanksgiving shortcuts you’d never find at the supermarket. Best part? We’ll bring them right to you with free delivery!

1. Meal Kits – there’s so much to prepare for the Big Dinner. Cut yourself some slack the rest of the week and enjoy a few Meal Kits for suppers. These super easy kits arrive with all the ingredients prepped and portioned, and the instructions are easy enough for teens or a partner to follow independently. You can handle Thanksgiving prep while they cook an a homemade meal with all local or organic ingredients!

2. Organic and Local  Thanksgiving Side Kits & Kitchen Starters – Our prep kitchen has your back with a lineup of holiday sides and kitchen starters for Turkey Day. Raw, prepped ingredients like cubed butternut squash or chopped onions are huge time savers for your own recipes, plus they’re organic. If you’d like even more help, try one of our classic holiday side kits instead. These include all the prepped, portioned organic and local ingredients you need along with simple instructions.

3. Local Bakery Standouts - Our local bakeries deliver to Greenling on the same day your order is packed, so your breads and dinner rolls will be even fresher from Greenling than the ones you could buy this weekend at the supermarket.  We have a huge selection of pies and other desserts from local bakeries, including vegan and gluten-free choices.

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