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new Greenling website

A brand new is coming soon! Based on your feedback, we’ve redesigned the shopping area of our website and we think you’ll agree that the new the is ‘butter’ than ever!

We’ll be unveiling the site soon, but if you already have a Greenling account, you can get a sneak peek! We’re inviting our customers to check out the beta version and ‘lettuce’ know what you think! (If you haven’t created an account, unfortunately you won’t be able to try it out yet. But soon, we promise!)

Ready to go? Click here to start shopping on the new site now! You’ll need to log in to your account. We’re still beta testing, and are continually fixing bugs and making improvements. We’d love it if you used the “Leave Feedback” link in the top left to ‘lettuce’ know if you run into anything weird- or just to tell us how you like it. We hope you love the new look as much as we do!


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No Frankenfoods Here– Just Super Cute and Easy Halloween Ideas!

cute halloween pepper

Image from citronlimette.

It’s a fright trying to avoid scary GMOs, wasteful packaging, and spooky high fructose corn syrup around Halloween. What’s a health conscious Mummy or Daddy to do? Never fear– Greenling’s got your back! We asked our Facebook fans for some advice for keeping Halloween healthy and safe for their special diet kiddos- here’s what they said:

Artemis K., whose son has Type 1 Diabetes, says, “Please don’t hand out just candy! Other options are nickels or quarters, tattoos, rings, toothbrushes, be creative!”

Mary Alice K. recommends additional, non-sweet treats. “I feature a mix of candy along with other fun trinkets like themed-pencils, sidewalk chalk, stickers, glow sticks, etc.”

Local blogger Evin C. (Food Good Laundry Bad) has been Instagramming a series of spooky lunchbox ideas for her food dye-free son. Her recipe for a lunchbox “mummy” calls for grass-fed hot dogs and organic tortillas, instead of the trans-fat filled crescent roll dough found in many versions of the treat. Scroll down for the full recipe and a picture! She also created “ghosts” out of string cheese sticks by using a marker to draw a scary face on the side of the packaging.

Visit our Halloween Board on Pinterest for even more fun tricks and treats! And thanks for making fun, healthy, and organic treats part of your family’s Halloween traditions.

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Happy 5th Birthday, Wackym’s Kitchen!


Wackym’s Kitchen‘s motto is “Life is sweet, eat great treats!” We’ve been snacking on their treats for quite some time now, and we’re wishing them a very Happy 5th Birthday this month!

A few years ago, owner Paul Wackym noticed that there weren’t many cookies made with real ingredients anymore- where was the butter and sugar? He was feeling nostalgic for homemade, crave-able, crunch-able cookies, like Grandma would make. And in 2008, with a particularly delightful snickerdoodle cookie, Wackym’s Kitchen was born! Wackym’s Kitchen uses real butter, cane sugar, and recently made the switch to aluminum-free baking powder and unbleached, unbromated flour. They don’t use any artificial preservatives or additives in their cookies, just wholesome, sweet goodness!


Although Paul started out in shared spaces around town, these days, Wackym’s Kitchen bakes cookies in their very own kitchen space near White Rock Lake. Paul and his staff churn out 25,000 cookies per day– what a sugar rush! Although he recently acquired an awesome dough depositor (check out our Instagram feed to see it in action!), every cookie is still touched, seasoned, and lovingly placed into boxes by hand.

Wackyms2  Wackyms3

Wackyms4  Wackyms5

Wackym’s Kitchen makes dozens of flavors, and Paul is constantly creating new delectable delights! One of our favorites, Maple Pecan, just came back into season for fall. The Maple Pecan cookies taste absolutely amazing with coffee. And for the winter holidays, you can look forward to Eggnog and Hot Apple Pie, which might pair well with mulled wine or apple cider! Happy Birthday, Wackym’s Kitchen! We look forward to many more years of crunchy sweets.

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A Fairy Kale Come True


“Every leaf of kale your chew adds another stem to your tree of life.” – Ancient Turkish saying

Are you on Team Kale? Recently, a group of kale-loving foodies embarked on a mission to make October 2 National Kale Day! And right on schedule, local kale made it’s first appearance in the Local Box, and is here to stay throughout the colder months. Kale is a nutrient-dense, delicious, and surprisingly versatile superfood that the Greenling community just kale-n’t get enough of!

Why is kale a superfood? Just one cup of raw kale…

  • contains just 33 calories
  • contains 3 grams of protein
  • provides 134% of your daily vitamin C needs
  • provides 684% of your daily vitamin K needs
  • provides 204% of vitamin A
  • is an excellent source of calcium and iron

Besides those staggering vitamin and mineral stats, the Queen of Greens is also praised for her cancer-fighting benefits. Kale yeah! These benefits come from kale’s unusual concentration of two types of antioxidants: carotenoids and flavonoids. You can also count on kale to assist in lowering your cholesterol, keeping yourbrain sharp, and balancing your blood sugar.

When choosing kale, go sustainable (pesticide-free) or organic! Kale is one of the items on the “Dirty Dozen List,” which means it retains a lot of pesticides, even when washed. With Greenling’s local and sustainable or non-local, organic kale, you can rest assured that the only thing you’re putting in your body is green leafy goodness.

Not only is kale a nutritional powerhouse, it’s quite tantalizing. There’s a reason why kale has become a staple on menus all over the US! We’ll get a variety of kale in the Local Box– from curly green to Dino kale to purple kale, we’ll be here to help you cook it every step of the way. There’s a green sea of possibilities: Kale SaladKale PizzaKale Soup! Check out more ideas on our Winter Greens Pinterest board. And if you want to skip the prep but still try a kale-icious dish, try our Prep Kitchen Grab & Go Kale Waldorf Salad or Creamy Shells and Greens!

Do you have a #kaletale to share? Lettuce know on Facebook orTwitter!

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A Fuyu for You – Persimmons are in the Local Box!

Photo from

Photo from

We’ve got some persimmon amazing news! One of our favorite fruits is back in the DFW Local Box- Fuyu Persimmons! Persimmons are shaped like a small tomato, with a pretty flower-shaped bud crowning the top of the fruit. We’ll have these crunchy treats throughout the fall, but this week they’re only in the DFW Local Box. (Central Texas and Houston, stay tuned!)

Our local persimmons come from Lightsey Farms in Mexia, Texas. Lightsey Farms was founded in 1918 by Eric Lightsey. Now it’s run by his granddaughters, Mary and Lisa Lightsey Hadden. Lightsey sits on over one hundred acres of land, and the family grows multiple varieties of pears, dates, figs, persimmons, pomegranates, peas, veggies, and more! Some of the fruit trees are over 50 years old. Mary says the farm has been around for so long because the sandy, clay soil has been taken care of so well.

The Fuyu Persimmons coming in the Local Box this week are golden-red to orange in color and squat in shape. (If yours are still greenish when you receive them, let them sweeten for a day in a paper bag.) Unlike their astringent cousins the Hachiya Persimmon, Fuyu Persimmons are ready to enjoy while firm and crunchy. They have an amazingly long shelf life– they’ll stay fresh for a few weeks at room temperature! You can eat Fuyu persimmons raw or roasted, with the skin on or peeled. They have a mild, sweet flavor, and are good sources of Vitamins A & C. (Plus their skin is full of fiber!) Here are three delicious ways to eat Fuyu Persimmons:

1. We’re big fans of fruit in salad around here, and this Persimmon Apple Salad with Walnuts is no exception! Persimmons make a gorgeous addition to salads because their seed holes make a natural star pattern when sliced!

2. Persimmon Fruit Leather sounds like a delicious, nutritious treat. Simply sprinkle persimmon slices with cinnamon and bake in the oven!

3. Use persimmons, a little fresh lime juice, and fresh basil to make a “salsa,” then sit it on top of Pan-Fried Brie CheeseWho says we can’t be indulgent with local food?

Plus, scroll down to the bottom for a delicious fall Persimmon Bundt Cake! What are you making with persimmons? Lettuce know on Facebook!

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Don’t Be a Trader to Local Farms!


Have you heard the buzz about Trader Joe’s coming to Austin? The California grocer is putting down roots all over Texas, bringing lots of Two Buck Chuck and traffic. While we wish ‘em the best, we’d be plum silly if we didn’t point out what sets Greenling apart, and why we hope you’ll keep shopping with us to support the Central Texas local food community.

Greenling’s family of farmers work hard to grow the best organic and sustainably-grown produce around. We help local farmers by providing an easy, cost-effective way for them to get their food to you. We work with any size producer, from a backyard gardener to large local farmers, and we offer flexible receiving and fair prices to make it easy for farmers to work with us. It doesn’t matter what the season is, you can always find delicious, sustainable local produce in the Local Box! Summer is one of the toughest growing seasons in Texas, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop supporting our hardworking farmers! Weird-shaped produce? Bring it on! Greenling customers LOVE discovering new fruits and veggies.

One way Greenling really separates itself from the pack is with our meat. Unlike other stores, Greenling only carries meat that is hormone free and without antibiotics. We work with ranchers who pasture their animals, allowing them to graze on grass and not GMO feed. We can’t say the same for the meat that lines the shelves at some other stores. If it was up to us we would rather not gamble with any mystery meat.

But what about the snacks? Yep, we’ll admit it. We like cookie butter just as much as the next foodie. After reading the labels on the store-bought variety, though, we’d rather make our own. (See below for a recipe!) Eating well is about more than just fruits and vegetables. At Greenling, the commitment to local and organic extends to all our products! Every food we carry is free from harmful additives, including High-Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, nitrates and nitrites, and artificial sweeteners. All of our Certified Organic products are GMO-free, and we only work with local food artisans who avoid known GMOs in their products. If you have a hankerin’ for the latest, greatest snack foods, look no further than our Farmstead Box for a local option!

If after reading all this, you’re still excited to visit TJ’s, we understand. We know it will take more than just one company to change the food system, and we hope that someday Trader Joe’s might share our commitment to sustainability. Until then, read the labels carefully and opt for organic choices while you’re there. And if you get home after all the crowds and find that you still need local peaches and makings for homemade cookie butter, lettuce know! We’ll be here, working with local farmers to bring it right to your doorstep.

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