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DFW Local Box: It’s Sublime

What a lime up this week! From beautiful red torpedo onions to sweet cantaloupe, our farmer heros are still bringing you the best despite the summer heat.


Snack attack: I’m a certified snacker so I try to always have healthful options around for my snack-diction. I am going to use this weeks peaches and okra as jumping off points for my snacks. Check out this great list of 28 Deliciously Healthy Peach Recipes to inspire your snacks this week! For the okra try Spicy Okra Chips or Pickled Okra.

Meal one: At the peak of summer here in Texas cool salads always sounds good. I will use this weeks cantaloupe, limes, cucumber and red torpedo onions for a Cucumber and Cantaloupe Salad. Red torpedo onions are a very old crop from Italy that are very sweet and tangy with no harsh hotness. I think their flavor will compliment this salad so I am replacing these onions with the green onion the recipe calls for. With the russet potatoes try this Rainbow Potato recipe, it’s a fun idea.

Meal two: Have you ever had Roasted Garlic? It is divine. I first discovered my love for roasted garlic at a little Texas hamburger joint called Alamo Springs neat Hunt, TX. They are known around the country for their insanely good burgers but their roasted garlic is my favorite! Use this weeks elephant garlic to try for yourself. It is great served on crostinis with goat cheese or tomato slices. Since we can’t survive on garlic alone I will also make Chicken and Kale Casserole. Use your rapini and amaranth greens along with sunflower greens in place of kale.


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The Beauty in Ugly Food – Reduce Food Waste with Greenling


Lumpy lemons. Blemished beets. Some foods have a face only a mother could love. The sad truth is, ugly food gets overlooked at  conventional grocery stores. The USDA estimates that misshapen produce results in over $15 million in food waste every year.

That’s not the case at Greenling.  Thanks in part to our Meal Kits, no ugly produce is left behind!  Greenling’s grocery and prep kitchen teams work together to make sure every last piece of edible food is used at the peak of freshness. For example, if a local watermelon is too small to meet our packing team’s quality standards, the prep kitchen transforms it into fruit salad or a Meal Kit. Same goes for cosmetically-challenged veggies.  Since Greenling started its prep kitchen in 2010, we have been able to reduce our total product loss to less than 2%! According to the USDA, the national average food waste for supermarkets is about 40%.

Another way Greenling avoids food waste is by making Meal Kits to order– a feat that would be impossible at typical grocery stores.  “We don’t mass-produce a bunch of products to sit on a display shelf and hope that they sell,” says prep kitchen manager Russell Cullen. ” We only prepare what’s on our customers’ orders each day.”

There’s another upside to Greenling Meal Kits: no wasted food means no wasted grocery budget! Every Meal Kit recipe comes pre-portioned with the perfect amount of each ingredient. Russell explains:  ” How many times have you bought a bunch of parsley and used less than a quarter of it, only to have the rest turn to mulch in the fridge? In our kitchen, that bunch of parsley will end up in maybe ten or twenty people’s dinner tonight with nothing but a few stems going into our compost.”

If you’ve been waiting to try a Meal Kit, now is the time! Our best-selling Quick & Easy 5-Meal Kit #1 and Vegan 5-Meal Kit #1 are both on sale for deliveries through August 16th. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be saving the planet by reducing food waste!

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Summer Reading Spree!


Summer is the time to catch up on your reading, and that includes cookbooks! We’ve got some great new titles in our bookstore for you to enjoy.

The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen - local author Kate Payne shows you how to master basic cooking techniques—boiling, baking, and sautéing—and simplifies the process of fancy ones, like jamming and preserving, dehydrating, braising, roasting, infusing, and pickling. With this straightforward and fun guide, you can stock up your kitchen with the ingredients, tools, and appliances you’ll actually use. You’ll also learn how to decode recipes and alter them to make them gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan.

Canning, Pickling, and Freezing with Irma Harding - this detailed guide to canning, preserves, and pickling comes to us from local author Marilyn McCray. This colorful book delivers both the techniques and recipes necessary to preserve your own food, with recipes from Texas farmstands.

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Meal Kits of the Week


Greenling is excited to announce our brand new Meal Kits of the Week!! This menu of all-new recipes will change every single week, so you’ll always have fun, healthy dishes to try.

There are two weekly Meal Kit options: Classic, and Vegetarian. The Classic Meal Kit of the Week contains pastured or grass-fed, organic meat as one of the ingredients. The Vegetarian Meal Kit of the Week is always meat-free. At just $6.50 per serving for the Vegetarian option, and $8.99 per serving for our Classic option, the price can’t be beat!

Like every Greenling Meal Kit, these will contain all the prepped, portioned ingredients you need to make a healthy dinner, and delivery is always FREE. We hope you love these new Meal Kits as much as we do.

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DFW Local Box: Figetta ’bout it!

Figetta ’bout  going to the in grocery store for figs, our farmer heros at Gundermann Acres are picking their figs at the exact peak of ripeness and bringing them to Greenling the same day. Thanks to their impeccable timing, you will be receiving ripe fruit that is ready to eat right away.

Figs are very high in fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese. However you choose to enjoy them, we think you’ll figgin’ love this swell summer fruit.


Meal one: The figs are ready to eat right away so I am going to use those sweet bites and the 1015 onions for a Fresh Fig, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza. With my pizza I will make a Mediterranean Purslane and Summer Squash Salad. Sprinkle microgreens to finish it off!

Meal two: I would have never thought to use bell peppers as nachos but this is brilliant. Use your sweet mixed peppers for Pepper Chicken Nachos. With the peaches I will do a simple salad to go on the side. Sliced peaches over whatever greens are  in the fridge with a homemade salad dressing.

Meal three: Okra in Texas usually means one thing…fried okra. Delicious as it may be there are endless options out there! Summery Okra & Quinoa Pilaf  is great for this weeks heaping helping of okra and cherry tomatoes. Or try Indian Style Okra with Potatoes. Great vegetarian sides or filling enough to stand as a main course.

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Small Potato and Queen Bean… Meet the Greenling Buyers!


If you’ve ever dug into a perky green Local Box- savoring the refreshing crispness of a cucumber, inhaling the spicy aroma of fresh basil, and letting the sweet juice of a ripe peach dribble down your chin- then you know that Greenling works hard to achieve the shortest route possible from farm to table.

Key to this endeavor are our buyers. They personally sniff out each farm, making sure that the farmers use sustainable methods of agriculture, are reliable, and provide good value to our customers. And the two wonder women behind this detective work are our very own “Queen Bean” Candy Hunke and “Small Potatoes” Kelly Small.

So what does a day on the job look like for these two farm liaisons?

“Part of the fun is that each day is a little different,” says Candy. Each day the buyers monitor inventory numbers and customer orders, making sure that our larders are stocked to satisfy your most pressing foodie needs. They monitor the status of deliveries and determine the contents of the Local and Farmstead Boxes. “My favorite part of the job is doing the Local Box and Farmstead Box because it’s like a puzzle” Kelly says, “I think about presentation, value, and making it slightly different each week.”

Of course, maintaining a diverse assortment of produce and prepared foods requires relationships with dozens of farmers and producers. “My favorite part of the job is meeting all the new farmers,” says Candy. She continually incorporates fresh faces into Greenling’s lineup of local producers, so that we’re prepared when a farmer faces a shortage or needs to take some time off.

The fun-loving attitude meets sustainable passion that invigorates both our buyers means that you can relax, knowing they’ve got your back on quality standards. All they request of you is to take the time to simply enjoy the taste extravaganza of their food-scouting efforts.

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