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I’ve Got a Golden… BANANA?!

If the summer doldrums are setting in at your house, never fear! Our Golden Banana giveaway will have you dancing like an oompa loompa in no time! Yep, just like Willy Wonka, we’re including some special surprises in Greenling orders this July. Every delivery in July will contain a Golden Banana ticket, with a prize for you inside!

Once your delivery arrives, open your ticket to find out what you’ve won. It might be something small– like a new fruit or veggie to try– or it could be HUGE! (Use your imagination here– we’ve got some good stuff lined up for you!) Like what you get? Place another order in July and you’ll get another ticket! Winning is easy as golden banana pie.

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Dallas Featured Event: Gardenlicious Kids Cook-off


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Gardenlicious Kids Cook-off
Sunday, June 29, 1-3pm
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, 8525 Garland Rd., Dallas, TX
$30, FREE for children in grades 1 through 8

The Dallas Arboretum’s Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden has inspired Gardenlicious, a healthy kids cook-off contest. Guests will have the opportunity to watch young chefs compete as the celebrity judges decide who they think is the overall winner of their age-division. Then tables will turn when the kids become the jury as they test and critique the offerings of the three celebrity judges. Everyone will be invited to sample the chef’s dishes at the event. 



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DFW Local Box: Summer Days

Summer is officially here! Picnics? Check. Lake days? Check. Working for the weekend? Check. The Local Box will fuel you with nutrients for all those summer activities.



Meal one: With a few modifications this Quinoa Salad  will be a delight to enjoy this week. Use the  peaches in place of mango, chives in place of parsley, and top it off with fresh sweet corn right off the cob. This would be good over a bed of greens and with Cilantro Lime Dressing you can make from home using this weeks jalapenos.

Meal two: I am trying to become a better baker so this week I will practice with a  Blackberry Citrus Bread  or this gluten free Lemon Lavender Blackberry Bread recipe. Either recipe makes for a great snack or breakfast on the go.

Meal three: Soups aren’t always the most appealing during hot summer days but I find the warm comfort food can still be great especially when you take them for lunch the next day and your office building is sub-arctic. Use the mixed squash, carrots, slicing tomatoes, and Egyptian spinach for a Seven Vegetable Minestrone Soup.




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Pssst… Can We Tell You a Secret?


All summer long, Greenling is going to be offering some very special deals to our newsletter and sales email subscribers! These Secret Savors” will help you save on your favorite local and organic foods. They’re called “secret” because you” need to use a secret coupon code to save! We’ll announce this code every Thursday in our weekly sales email, The Greenling Savor .

For deliveries through Saturday, June 28, when you purchase ourSummer 2-Meal Kit #1you’ll get a Cucumber Tomato Salad Side Kit (an $8.99 value) for free!  How cool is that?!  To get the savings, add both the 2-Meal Kit and the Side Kit to your order for delivery before Saturday, June 28. Use the secret coupon codeS2MCT14  at check out, and the cost of the Side Kit will be removed from your order.  Don’t forget– for the coupon to work, both the 2-Meal Kit and the Side Kit must be in your order when you confirm.

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The Solstice with the Mostest… 10 New Summer Meal Kits!


Greenling’s new line-up of Summer Meal Kits are a reason for celery-bration!

Main Dishes

Summer 2-Meal Kits

Side Dishes

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DFW Local Box: Feel The Beet of The World

USA, USA, USA! The World Cup is in full swing and with that comes a sense that the whole world is connected by these games. With big sporting events like the World Cup comes gatherings and with gathering comes food!


Meal one: Use the World Cup games (USA plays again Sunday) as an excuse to gather a group of friends and lure them in with snacks like White Bean-Green Garlic Dip. I will use the summer squash to make chips and slice the cucumbers up for dippers as well.

Meal two: Pizza is always a good party food. Even if it is just your family gathering for a game try Swiss Chard, Caramelized Onion and Ricotta Pizza. You can use your beet greens or chard greens and walla walla onions here. This pizza includes a homemade dough recipe. Props to doing everything from scratch but shortcuts are okay too. We are human and busy, so if you don’t have time to make your own dough you can always use your favorite organic pizza crust.

Meal three: With the World Cup in Brazil it might be fun to tap into their culture. How about we try a Brazilian Potato Salad. With the potatoes I will make a Peach & Escarole Salad.

Meal four: After all that cheering you are going to need a beverage. Use the plums and blackberries for a Plum Blackberry Cocktail. Use the rest of your blackberries and basil for a  Grilled Fontina+Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwich.


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