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New Web Feature: Order Preview


If it’s been a while since you visited, you should give it a look today! We recently revamped our online market so it’s easier and more fun to find the foods you like. By popular demand, our latest new feature is the “Order Preview” function. Check out this quick video demo to see how it works.

When you hover your mouse over the green bin at the top of the web page, you’ll see the contents and subtotal for your next delivery. If you want to make changes to your delivery date or the quantity of items, click through to your “My Orders” page. Easy peas-y!

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Fruit Love in Your Local Box


Summer lovin’ abounds in the Local Box this week! Take the Asian pear, for example. This sweetheart of a fruit is a little bit apple, a little bit pear, and all delicious!

Crunchy like an apple with the sweetness of a pear, Asian pears are a unique fruit that can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. Our Farmer Heroes Mary Lightsey and her sister Lisa Lightsey-Hadden, of Lightsey Farms, have grown these gems for our Local Box.

Asian pears originated in (surprise surprise) East Asia, but have become quite popular in the United States in the past few years. These late summer jewels are ripe when you receive them, even though they are still firm to the touch. They keep their crispness unlike many European varieties, which makes them great for slaws, salads and cooked dishes.

Leave the skin on and Asian Pears are a great source of fiber and vitamin C. They’re also low in calories and keep longer than soft pear varieties. Combine that with their refreshing nature, and they are the perfect late summer snack. Try one– it’ll be love at first

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Back to School Snacking: Fruit Kabobs!


There are so many fun after school snack ideas on Pinterest, we started a board to keep track of them all. One idea we see again and again are fruit kabobs. Making these snacks is as simple as sliding cut pieces of fruit on wooden grilling skewers. The kabobs keep for a few days in the fridge, and they are a great way to use up leftovers! Best part? The fruit is pre-portioned, so kids can grab a whole serving of fruit in each hand. 

There are endless combinations of fruit kabobs to enjoy. One of our favorites is green apple kiwi, pictured above. Another favorite is to alternate grapes and banana slices on a skewer, and freeze. Voila! Instant healthy popsicles! 

Find these recipes and more healthy ideas over on Pinterest, and be sure to lettuce know what you’re cooking up for back to school.

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Back to School… Back to Your Roots! Meet the Food Heroes of FM Provisions


As laid back summer routines wane, and busy weeknight evenings return, so will those days when there are hungry tummies and literally no time to cook. Fret not! We’ve got dinner solutions that are to “pie” for with FM Provisions’ Prepared Meals!

When we recently added their locally-sourced pot pies to our lineup, orders took off like hot cakes…er, hot pies. And for good reason. After all, these aren’t your run of the mill mass-produced pot pies. Bruce and Pam Pollett, owners of FM Provisions, craft their pot pies and other ready-to-heat menu items- like Southern Style Tomato Pie- with meticulous attention to detail. They source meat and produce from local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture and ethical animal husbandry.

If you’ve tasted their creamy Herb Roasted Chicken Pot Pie or spicy Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas, your taste buds will join ours in giving thanks that Bruce turned introspective after 9/11. He decided that he’d had enough of the corporate world. He abandoned his career in finance for greener pastures, and the couple opened a gourmet market and two upscale restaurants in Florida.

The recession and the draw of family brought the couple home to their native Texas in 2009. “It wasn’t until we left the restaurant industry that we realized there was a void for the person or family that wanted to eat fresh, locally sourced food without having to go out to a ‘higher end’ restaurant to get it,” Bruce says.

The couple decided to jump into the DFW market with a catering service along with prepared meals for delivery. They sought to craft carefully sourced food that they would feel good about serving to their own three children. “We decided we didn’t want our kids eating processed foods,” Pam says, “More than ever we just want to get back to our roots.”

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The Heat Is On!


August is historically one of the most difficult months for local farmers, since it is too hot for many crops to survive. This year is no different, with heavy rains wiping out many farms’ seedlings in June to boot. You might have noticed that our supply of local eggs has dwindled this month, too. It’s simply too hot for the hens to lay!

Although this time of year is challenging, our farmer heroes are up to the task. They are working hard to keep our Local Box brimming with goodness! This week we will be making more Local Box substitutions than usual to accommodate the farms’ rapidly changing harvest schedules. Thanks in advance for your support of Greenling and local farms during this toughest part of the year!

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DFW Local Business Love


This month we are teaming up with other local businesses to strengthen DFW’s’ business community and help introduce you to like minded folks we think you’ll love. Keep an eye out for surprises and coupons in your bins this month from these awesome local businesses.

Revolution Chiropractic : Stop by and say hi at our free Back to School event next Wed., Aug 20!

Gmaids : The #1 Green Cleaning service in DFW- no stinky chemicals here! They’re some of the nicest folks you’ll meet on this side of the Red River, too. 

Yoga Tree : This Plano-based studio offers excellent health and wellness focused yoga, with classes for all ages. Namaste!

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