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DFW Local Box: Fennely, Spring has Arrived!

Spring is ushering in some great weather and with that we are seeing some awesome spring fruit and vegetables coming in from area farms, including fennel! If you’re frond of celery, you’ll probably love fennel. The fennel we are getting from Gundermann Acres has a dense, crunchy bulb and plenty of leafy fronds, so you will be able to enjoy it in nearly any preparation!


Meal one: This weather reminds me of quintessential backyard summer eats like burgers and seasonal sides. With those flavors in mind I am going to make a Purple Hull Pea Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette.  I will also use the Italian salad mix for a Roasted Beets and Greens Salad with Spicy Orange Vinaigrette. To go with the sides let’s do a Smoky Sweet Potato Burger and top those babies off with local lettuce!

Meal two: A light KaleGrapefruit and Fennel Salad is perfect for this spring weather. Use the head of your fennel for this recipe and if you have extra salad green you can throw that in too.

Meal three: This weeks Chinese Leeks also go by the names Chinese chives or Garlic chives. For a quick meat less meal I will make Garlic Chives with Dried Tofu, a Chinese Vegetarian Stir-Fry. Or simply add the Chinese leeks to your favorite stir-fry recipe.


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DFW Featured Event: Bits and Bites


El Centro College’s 6th Annual Bits & Bites
El Centro College
801 Main St  Dallas, TX 75202
March 30, 2014, 4 pm-7 pm
Tickets are $40, buy here

Bits & Bites is El Centro College’s celebration of food and drink, benefiting the Food Services program. This fundraiser will be honoring the El Centro Food & Hospitality Program’s founding father, Professor Emeritus C. Gus Katsigris.

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DFW, Meet Your New Bestie: Sunflower Greens

Did you know Sunflower greens are a fantastic source of protein? Bright and crunchy, they almost remind me of a cross between iceberg lettuce and cucumbers, and these little greens are packed full of nutrients. Use your sunflower greens in salads, sandwiches, as soup toppers or they can even be juiced!



Meal one: I’m loving these portobello mushrooms this week! I will me making Spinach Stuffed Portobellos using the spinach. Feel free to dice up some parsley to top your mushrooms off. Remember to wipe clean your mushrooms (don’t rinse) because they absorb water! You can also pre- broil them to release some of the water to avoid soggy mushrooms while cooking.

Meal two: For lunch, I’ve been in a wrap phase! There is a wrap out there for veggies loves and carnivores alike. I am going to make California Veggies Wraps this week using the avocado and sunflower greens in place of alfalfa sprouts. I will also add leaves of the Tropicana lettuce in my wrap!

Meal three: I am going to use the baby kale and sweet potatoes in a frittata this week. Got some extra vegetables lying around? Add them in too, don’t want anyone in the kitchen feeling left out! Frittatas are very adaptable! Try this recipe Sweet Potato and Kale Frittata with Goat Cheese, great for weekend brunch or dinner.

Beverage: Do you drink enough H2O each day?  Give your water a boost with your Valencia oranges and Meyer lemons with this Citrus Infused Water recipe. You won’t believe how delicious it is!

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DFW Event: Spring Organic Gardening Workshop



Spring Organic Gardening 
Saturday, March 22, 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, 3310 Collins Rd.

It’s finally spring! Time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Presented by Greenling Farmer Hero Amanda Austin, co-founder and director of Cardo’s Farm Project, this hands-on workship will cover how to plant, plan, and maintain a successful spring garden. Learn about bed preparation, plant selection, and pest control. For more info, visit or call (940) 349-8152.

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Customer Photo of the Week

JohnRphoto_06Our customer photo of the week comes from John R. via Instagram! He says, “Fresh and local! Onions from my garden and the rest thanks to @greenling_com”

Post your #LocalBox photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even your blog, and you might see them featured here soon!

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DFW Local Box: Spring Cleaning

Anyone feeling the need for a post Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day detox? Spring cleaning isn’t only for your home, your body deserves it too! Let this weeks Local Box be your guide.


Meal one: Beets are a wonderful tonic for the liver and work to purify the blood, exactly what we all need after Spring Break right? Try this Creamy Pasta Bake with Beets & Smoked Ham perfect for the whole family. For a clean side salad I will make a variation on this Greenling recipe, Easy Kale-Citrus Salad. Local Box blogger Amee uses kale but I will use the salad mix along with this weeks grapefruit and oranges.

Meal two: Cook up those purple hull peas or lady cream peas and carrots and for Spicy Hoppin’ John Salad. This recipe calls for frozen black-eyed peas but we get fresh peas! Need a basic cooking guide? Check here.

Meal three: Simple and healthy is what I look for in recipes during the work week. I will use the sweet potato for an ole fashion Baked Sweet Potato. This recipe calls for swiss chard and avocado but the best part is you can top your potato with whatever you have in your fridge. I am going to add some of the spring onions to mine! Greens and beans are my personal favorite add-ons.

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