April Showers Bring Berries, Kohlrabi and More!



I like to have a bit of theme for my meal plans, whether it be the sunny weather, the week’s holidays, or my mood at exactly that moment. This week has been a busy one so I am just going to let my favorite blogs lead me on a delicious journey with spicy arugula, juicy strawberries, (exciting!) kohlrabi and more!

Meal One: I am going to be a bit indulgent here… I am all about strawberry salads, and this is definitely the box to make that happen, but I’ve been making those since strawberries have come in season. That is not to say that the addition of cilantro can totally bump up your regular strawberry salad. But back to my indulgence, this week I am going to use my strawberries and oranges for a fabulous brunch, Crepes with Strawberry and Orange Compote. I’ll make this first, because those local strawberries come ready to eat!

Meal Two: I am a sucker for good food photos, which might be obvious by the blogs I follow and link to here, but I couldn’t pass up this Winter Greens & Quinoa Salad. I know winter has been gone for awhile now, but we’ve still got beautiful lettuce and arugula, so it’s perfect for this week’s Local Box. While Meyer Lemon season might be gone, G&S Groves is still bringing us beautiful oranges, so I’ll make my dressing with those!

Meal Three: I am digging the idea of this Chard Pesto Linguini, but am going to add in a little more goodies to make it a full meal. I am a huge fan of cauliflower and Parmesan together, so I am going to roast my cauliflower to caramelize it real nice and then add it to my pasta before serving.

Meal Four: Despite what you make think, I have not been avoiding that unknown purple vegetable – I have been saving best for last! Kohlrabi is more than just a beautiful face/veggie, it is such a chameleon in the kitchen. Part of the cabbage family, with a texture and flavor closest to the stalks of broccoli, you can eat kohlrabi raw as well as cooked. It will be the star in my Kohlrabi Curry, adding in mushrooms to soak up some more flavor. If the spices in this curry are a little unfamiliar, quite a few groceries will have a “curry” spice mix that will do the job!

Have your own favorite kohlrabi or strawberry recipe? We are always interested in what you are cooking with the #localbox! Share with us in the comments, on our facebook, or twitter!

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