Centex Local Box: It’s Been A Chard Days Night

Amen, Beatles! It has been a chard days night, and most of us have been working like a dog! Let this weeks Local Box ease this weeks load (so you can get to sleeping like a log) with an exciting array of produce including new to the box– brussels sprouts this week!


Meal one: I am going to take advantage of this weeks fresh dill and celery with an Egg Salad recipe! When constructing you killer egg sandwich add a hand full of microgreens, celery leaves, and some of your lettuce. Looking to cut down on your gluten and/or calorie intake? Sub lettuce leafs for bread and make little egg salad-stuffed lettuce wraps!

Meal two: After a chard day try this Chicken Stuffed with Swiss Chard and Mozzarella dinner fix. For dessert I am so excited to make Fruit & Vegetable Popsicles! Use your local  strawberries, Valencia oranges and shredded carrots to “trick” your kids or yourself into getting an extra dose of nutrients.

Meal three: I will make a Classic Pot Roast with the rest of this weeks carrots. To pair with entree I am going to cook a Brussels Sprout Hash with Caramelized Shallot.

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