Dinner Shouldn’t Be So Chard – Try Our Meal Plan!


Over the past week, I have often forgotten that it is still winter. The skies are sunny and the temperature is at a steady 70 degrees, sometimes reaching over 80. All of sudden it is okay to be tan in the winter. This weather has been spectacular for our local farms, sprouting greens galore. And while I sometimes feel I should be opening my green bin to reveal summer squash or peaches, I love being greeted by Swiss chard, sunchokes and tatsoi!

Meal One: I’ll start the week off with this delicious sounding Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad. And while I love microgreens, I need a little more green, so I am going to serve this on top of some chopped lettuce from Bluebonnet Hydroponics.

Meal Two: Tatsoi is a great green to eat raw or lightly sauteed. It has a touch of pepper and a mild sweetness which makes it the perfect substitute for arugula in this pasta with Meyer lemon and ricotta. Doesn’t hurt that ricotta is one of my favorite ingredients in any pasta dish. 

Meal Three: I’ll take brunch for dinner for my third meal with this Sunchoke & Chard Frittata. Many are mystified by sunchokes, and rightly so with their unusual knobby exterior. But they are quite the treat. Over the past few weeks I have eaten them roasted and raw, pureed and sauteed, so I’m excited to try them baked in this frittata with lovely rainbow chard.

Meal Four: Infused oils are so interesting and I love them in dishes. I have only ever made a garlic infused oil which is pretty simple, so infusing oil with mushrooms sounds so grand and exotic! This Mushroom Saute with Pancetta uses dried mushrooms in the infused oil and then fresh in the saute along with greens (perfect for my kale!).

Lettuce know your recipes in our comment section!

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Sarah grew up in beautiful Austin, Texas with an appetite for all things delicious. She spent her early years joyfully baking and cooking and soon realized her favorite part about food was sharing it. She has stayed active in the local food movement from volunteering with non-profits to supporting local farms to getting her hands dirty building community gardens. Other than cooking, eating, and talking about food, Sarah also enjoys music of all kinds, the outdoors in general, and wine.
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