A Fiesta With Your Local Box!


Cinco de Mayo is this weekend, so I thought I’d take this chance to pay homage to one of my favorite cuisines – Mexican! Mexican food is hard to define with all of the regions (including tex-mex, new mexican mex, and california mex), but I’m going to do my best. So grab a margarita & let’s cook!

drink: Nothing like a margarita to beat the heat. Well nothing except a fresh strawberry margarita! Good for any day but perfect for Cinco de Mayo – and with local strawberries, it couldn’t get any better!

appetizer: One of my favorite restaurants in town is Polvo’s. One of the reasons I like it is for their salsa bar, especially the escabeche. Escabeche are pickled veggies. For this version of escabeche I’ll use my rainbow carrots, kohlrabi and spring onions along with the normal jalapenos.  Escabeche is great served plain, with chips or as a topping for many dishes.

entree: Enchiladas get a bad rep for being unhealthy – and they definitely can be – but they are a great way to feed a crowd. This recipe for potato & kale enchiladas looks like a good way to use my kale while putting a different spin on a classic. And it’s vegan!

side/entree: When I first decided to make this a mexican inspired meal plan, my first oh sh*t moment came with the fennel. Fennel is a favorite of mine & is divine on pizza, in pasta, shaved raw for salads. But for Mexican? It would do great as a slaw for any sort of taco, but I wanted more – until I came across these onion and fennel quesadillas. Other than the fennel and onion, I’ll be including some Swiss chard to really put these on the gourmet level.

salad: You always need to have a salad with a spread, especially one that has lots of spice. I’ll be putting both my arugula and my lettuces into this Avocado, Mango, Salad with Cilantro Citrus Vinaigrette. 

Plans for the weekend? Plans for your Local Box? Lettuce know your recipe ideas in the comment section!

About Sarah

Sarah grew up in beautiful Austin, Texas with an appetite for all things delicious. She spent her early years joyfully baking and cooking and soon realized her favorite part about food was sharing it. She has stayed active in the local food movement from volunteering with non-profits to supporting local farms to getting her hands dirty building community gardens. Other than cooking, eating, and talking about food, Sarah also enjoys music of all kinds, the outdoors in general, and wine.