Life’s A Peach With This Week’s Local Box!


Memorial Day is this weekend, which means a lot of us will head to the lake. Don’t have a lake house, don’t worry me neither… but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate with your own grilling party. This week’s Meal Plan has recipes that are great for a grilling party, or just peachy on their own!

Meal One: Peach season! Word on the street is that Fredricksberg and it’s neighbors are having a hard time with their peaches this year with the mild winter, late freezes and hail. So PLEASE savour these peaches! Arugula and peaches and goat cheese are like spaghetti and meatballs to me so this gorgeous grilled peach salad with a mint pesto is an obvious choice to include in this week’s meal plan. If you get a different herb than mint, why not try it in the pesto too?!

Meal Two: I am a sweet and salty fan, so having fruit like peaches and mangoes are a real treat for me because they compliment savory foods so well. Especially cabbage! I’ll be using one of my mangoes in this Asian Mango Slaw. If I get carrots in my box I’ll use those, and if I get kohlrabi, I’ll use that! Kohlrabi is a great crunchy, mild veggie that goes great in any salad. I think you could eat this on it’s own or add chicken or fish for a full meal!

Meal Three: Whether you eat meat or stick to the veggie side of things, a good burger will always entice. For vegetarians (or anybody really!) fire up the grill for a portabello burger and for the meat eaters, why not try out a Greek-Style Lamb Burger. Either way, I’ll be topping it with the little salad with red onion from the lamb burger recipe, subbing my microgreens for the spinach.

Side Dish: One of the best parts about grilling out, are the fabulous sides. Mix up your normal potato salad by adding in kale! I’ll be making this Kale & Potato Salad with Tahini Dressing for my Memorial Day picnic.  Healthier than the mayo version and so much more interesting!

If you have recipe ideas, please share them with us on Facebook & Twitter or in the comments! 

About Sarah

Sarah grew up in beautiful Austin, Texas with an appetite for all things delicious. She spent her early years joyfully baking and cooking and soon realized her favorite part about food was sharing it. She has stayed active in the local food movement from volunteering with non-profits to supporting local farms to getting her hands dirty building community gardens. Other than cooking, eating, and talking about food, Sarah also enjoys music of all kinds, the outdoors in general, and wine.