DFW Local Box Meal Plan, Feb 6-10

Great variety in the Local Box this week! We are super excited about the ginormous broccoli and portabella caps. Plus, we love us some kohlrabi – we call them tiny aliens around the Greenling office. These little guys are short season so enjoy them while you can!

Our ideas for the week:

Meal 1: Taco night! We’re going to try this quick & easy recipe for Beef and Mushroom Tacos with Avocado & Lime Salad. We may or may not add the beef – those portabella caps are meaty on their own. Either way, sprinkle some choppped spring onions, a squeeze of lime and maybe a bit of shredded kohlrabi on top for some rockin’ week night tacos.

Meal 2: We’re going to through an adventurous one at you. This kohlrabi & ham bake sounds weird, we know, but it’s simple and will yield yummy leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Pair with a simple kale salad and you’ve one nutritional powerhouse of a meal! You can use your juicy local limes in place of the lemon here.

If that’s not your style, try roasting the kohlrabi and pairing it with your favorite protein.

Meal 3: Broccoli rosemary casserole  – use the rest of our mushrooms and spring onions here. This recipe calls for pine nuts, which can be pricey, so unless you have them on hand already, we’d suggest either leaving them off or substituting chopped toasted walnuts.

 Meal 4: Turnip the heat! Sorry. This creamy pasta looks like an excellent way to use those turnips – Sausage & Turnip Gratin pasta If you’ve still got kale, throw it in the strainer as pour in the boiling water & pasta – it will cook right there and add a nice greens boost to your dish.

Got leftover Rosemary? Check this post out for some innovative ways to use it, or just freeze it for when you don’t have fresh herbs on hand!

About Aspen

Aspen is a native Austinite and came to Greenling after many moons in customer service & marketing in the natural foods domain. She wears a lot of hats on the marketing team and bounces around between Austin, DFW and Houston often. Her favorite part about frequent travel is discovering new local restaurants and products. She loves working for Greenling because she can feel good about the values and quality standards of the company and feel proud to tell the Greenling story. When she’s not here, she’s out seeing live music, hanging out with her 100 lb. dog and cooking.