We’re So Berry Excited for This Week’s Local Box!


What’s red and green and delivered all over? The Local Box! This week you’ll be getting beautiful red radishes, sweet strawberries, orangey citrus, and a bunch of gorgeous greens! This week I’m jam-packing with delicious recipes that often bring fruit and veg together. A green salad topped with fruit brightens up even the dreariest of office lunches!

Brunch: Here I go again with greens and eggs! This time in a classic quiche. Saute up your spinach and green onion (whites too!) for a delightfully springy quiche. I like my eggs with herbs, so I’ll add some fresh parsley before cooking, and sprinkle extra on top for show. Serve with a side salad (lettuce, radish, strawberries, and orange sections) for a lovely meal any time of day.

Smoothie: If you haven’t tried a Green Smoothie before, don’t be afraid. I promise this Green Monster Smoothie is great! Don’t be frightened by the spinach- you can’t even taste it, but it packs in calcium! The strawberries and orange totally mask its flavor.

Lunch: For a filling yet meatless lunch or dinner, try this no-cream mushroom pasta sauce. As always, feel free to substitute the whites of your green onions for the onions in the recipe! It uses thyme and parsley and white wine for deep flavor.  

Snack: This Grapefruit, Yogurt, & Thyme Pound Cake is an anytime treat- breakfast, snacktime, or dessert! Use some of your thyme from the thyme plant in last week’s box! I bet this recipe would be just as good with fresh rosemary, or simply grapefruit. I’m thinking I’ll make double the grapefruit thyme syrup and make a cocktail with it! Another amazing snack this week is simply those beautiful radishes, sliced up and served with your favorite dip. Hummus, pesto, roasted veggie

Dinner: Go back to the basics of pizza- classic tomato paste, onions, greens. Deb from Smitten Kitchen tells the story of a delightful Ramp Pizza found in her neighborhood. Ramps are basically wild leeks, quite similar to the beautiful green onions in this week’s box! We’ll use the spinach modification for leafy greens, and I might even dice up some crimini mushrooms (add after sauteeing whites of the onions). Serve with a side salad and a glass of wine and marvel in the simplicity.

Dessert: This week, indulge in sweet crepes! Use your strawberries and oranges for a fabulous dessert or brunch: Crepes with Strawberry and Orange Compote. Those local strawberries come ready to eat, so don’t feel like you have to wait until the weekend. We won’t tell. ;)

And as always, if you have too many veggies to use, or scraps (spinach ends, onion bottoms, mushroom stems, etc.) Simply throw them in a pot and make an inexpensive, waste-free stock! Check out my blog post for more information!

If you have recipe ideas, please share them with me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! We love the #LocalBox hashtag!

About Margo

Margo is the Yolkal Marketer for Greenling DFW, and relishes in sharing the Greenling gospel with the public! She loves supporting local businesses and local food systems. The best part of her job is playing with the beautiful veggies in the Local Box. Margo loves taking work home with her (in the form of delicious local food) and thinks everything is better topped with a fried egg. Her other favorite things are coffee, pugs, and cheese.