Red, White, and Blueberries! DFW Local Box Meal Plan


Happy Independence Week! There’s no better way to show your patriotism than by buying local Texas, USA produce and products! USA! USA! This week the box is bursting with red (onions), white (onions, garlic, potatoes), and blueberries. We hope you have a berry nice 4th of July! (Just a reminder, deliveries will take place as usual! Customer Service will close early at 5pm on Thursday, but resume normal hours the rest of the week.)

Brunch: This week is going to be busy- make sure you’re ready for it! I love swiss chard with eggs, and this bite-size breakfast frittata with sausage and feta is perfect for making ahead. I might swap in some basil leaves. Serve with grapefruit!

Salad: Cool cucumber makes the perfect base for this Cucumber, Basil, Peanut Salad. I think it’s rather nice as a lunch salad, but would be a great pre-dinner salad too. Peel the cucumbers if you like, but I enjoy their crunch!

Side: You’re grilling this week, right? Save yourself some time (and don’t turn on that oven!) by cooking potatoes and onions on the grill! I’ll add a clove of garlic to each packet, and use the tiniest dot of butter (alternatively, you could toss in a bit of olive oil.)

Drink: This blue Blueberry Mojito makes a lovely 4th of July drink! For little ones, you can still make a festive drink, just leave out the rum. Another refreshing drink: Cucumber, Mint & Basil Soda!

Hot Dogs: Yes, this week, Hot Dogs are their own category! Who knew all sorts of local produce would be great atop a hot dog? Get inspired with these interesting variations:

Bruschetta Dogs
Bruchetta (toss chopped tomatoes, local basil, and local garlic , in balsamic and olive oil)
sliced sauteed onions
Serve in sliced Ciabatta rolls! 

Chicago Style
Fresh Tomatoes (chopped)
Pickles (Make your own with those beautiful cucumbers and garlic!)
sliced sauteed onions
Organicville Stoneground Mustard
Chef Milton’s Smoked Sea Salt & Pepper Melange

Dinner: For too long, vegetarians have been denied delicious, BBQ-sauce drenched sandwiches on 4th of July. No more! These Bourbon-Mango Summer Squash Sandwiches are filling and flavorful enough to please carnivores and herbivores alike!

Dessert: I’ll be honest, I’m a big fan of the 4th of July shortcake- you know, you lay out strawberries and blueberries on a layer of cream cheese? But this year, I want to try something different. This Ice Cream Flag Cake with blueberry sauce looks really pretty, and who doesn’t love blueberries on ice cream?

About Margo

Margo is the Yolkal Marketer for Greenling DFW, and relishes in sharing the Greenling gospel with the public! She loves supporting local businesses and local food systems. The best part of her job is playing with the beautiful veggies in the Local Box. Margo loves taking work home with her (in the form of delicious local food) and thinks everything is better topped with a fried egg. Her other favorite things are coffee, pugs, and cheese.