DFW Local Box Meal Plan April 9-13

I’m so excited about this week’s Local Box, I can hardly stand it! Broccoli, crimini mushrooms and avocados all in one beautiful, green bin! My three most favorite fruits and veggies! And with all this wonderful spring weather, the Local Box will soon be changing and new crops harvested. This may be one of my last chances for fresh turnips; I’ve got to enjoy them while I can!

Here’s what I’ll be cooking:

Meal One: An avocado and lettuce salad  sounds absolutely delicious. I’ll probably chop up some spinach and mushrooms as well and toss them in to give my taste buds some added variety.

Meal Two: A soup is a great way to utilize those turnips and potatoes to their full potential! This soup looks excellent! I’ll probably double the recipe to make enough for more than just me.

Meal Three: Those spring onions are just radiating goodness, they’re calling to me! I have to chop them up for this delicious radish and onion  salad, but instead of kohlrabi, I’ll slice up some broccoli.

Meal Four: Now for those oranges, fire up the grill! You might not imagine it, but grilled oranges make for a delicious dessert when served with gelato or vanilla ice cream! A perfect way to finish out the week.

About Angela

Angela is originally from Seattle, but has called Texas home for the last ten years! She works at Greenling DFW and loves spreading the Greenling message in North Texas. Angela was the voice behind Greenling DFW's Local Box meal plans until she recently accepted a position in education in Dallas-Fort Worth. With the rest of her time, Angela plays roller derby here in Dallas and spoils her cat-child, Winston.

Got my first local box yesterday.  I'm embarrassed to say that I've never in my 37 years of living eaten a turnip!  I cut them into strips and tossed them with a little olive oil, paprika and salt and tossed them in the oven for 20 minutes.  They made some great turnip "fries" to go along with our dinner last night!  Delish!!