DFW Local Box Meal Plan – March 5-9


Spring is coming! Decidedly warmer temperatures are upon us and that can make some of us shy away from the kitchen- in favor of eating out – don’t leave that local goodness lonely! Greenling is here to help with easy yet tantalizing recipes for making good use of that Local Box.

Here’s what we’re cookin’ up this week:

Meal one: Mushroom grilled cheese sandwiches with slow cooker orange-roasted beetson the side. The grapefruit in the Local Box will substitute perfectly well for the oranges in that recipe. Since the beets will cook up ahead of time, and the sandwiches take just 15 minutes, this dinner will be ready to eat in record time!

Meal two: This Spring greens risotto will utilize the tatsoi choy (an Asian green very similar to bok choy) and kale quite nicely, especially with a nice, sharp Parmesan.

Meal three: A lighter version of regular mashed potatoes but still hearty and comforting! Smashed red potatoes with cabbage will pair lovely with your favorite protein – we’ll have it with simple grilled chicken breasts, topped with a squeeze of juicy local lime.

Meal four: Roasted sweet potatoes and turnips with kale, and as reward for such a healthy meal, freshly squeezed limeade with vodka!


About Aspen

Aspen is a native Austinite and came to Greenling after many moons in customer service & marketing in the natural foods domain. She wears a lot of hats on the marketing team and bounces around between Austin, DFW and Houston often. Her favorite part about frequent travel is discovering new local restaurants and products. She loves working for Greenling because she can feel good about the values and quality standards of the company and feel proud to tell the Greenling story. When she’s not here, she’s out seeing live music, hanging out with her 100 lb. dog and cooking.


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