DFW Local Box: It’s Sublime

What a lime up this week! From beautiful red torpedo onions to sweet cantaloupe, our farmer heros are still bringing you the best despite the summer heat.


Snack attack: I’m a certified snacker so I try to always have healthful options around for my snack-diction. I am going to use this weeks peaches and okra as jumping off points for my snacks. Check out this great list of 28 Deliciously Healthy Peach Recipes to inspire your snacks this week! For the okra try Spicy Okra Chips or Pickled Okra.

Meal one: At the peak of summer here in Texas cool salads always sounds good. I will use this weeks cantaloupe, limes, cucumber and red torpedo onions for a Cucumber and Cantaloupe Salad. Red torpedo onions are a very old crop from Italy that are very sweet and tangy with no harsh hotness. I think their flavor will compliment this salad so I am replacing these onions with the green onion the recipe calls for. With the russet potatoes try this Rainbow Potato recipe, it’s a fun idea.

Meal two: Have you ever had Roasted Garlic? It is divine. I first discovered my love for roasted garlic at a little Texas hamburger joint called Alamo Springs neat Hunt, TX. They are known around the country for their insanely good burgers but their roasted garlic is my favorite! Use this weeks elephant garlic to try for yourself. It is great served on crostinis with goat cheese or tomato slices. Since we can’t survive on garlic alone I will also make Chicken and Kale Casserole. Use your rapini and amaranth greens along with sunflower greens in place of kale.