Another “radishing” Local Box!

I love the blend of sweet and savory in this week’s Local Box. The waft of cilantro upon opening my box was enough to get my mouth watering alone! But more of those tasty tangerines and tart grapefruit for my week of beautiful salads will be fantastic. The radishes and Bibb lettuce will make for incredible (and easy!) salads.

Meal one: for a scrumptious salad, I’ll be whipping up this couscous and tangerine salad with garbanzo beans and olives. The combination of earthy textures with the crispness of local tangerines will lend itself to good eating at any time of the day.

Meal two: this week, we are so smitten with the beet greens in our Local Box. They’re so gorgeous, and we’ve had a great time perusing recipes for what to do with those beauties. After finally settling on this warm braised beets and beet green salad with yogurt sauce, I can’t wait to devour this power meal.

Meal three: the fact is that turnips are completely underrated. They’re such a nutritious and tasty root vegetable, and they’re the perfect supplement to simple mashed potatoes. Add some turnips to your mashed potatoes with herbed cheese for a delightful (and covert) way to enjoy their yumminess!

Meal four: for the perfect complement to my salmon burgers, I’m going to roast up these awesome looking sweet potato fries. The Cajun seasoning gives these super food fries an awesome punchy flavor (and feel free to adjust the chili to fit your palette!).

“Lettuce” know what you’re whipping up in the comments!

About Caitlyn

Caitlyn first got her feet wet with Greenling in the Customer Service department, and is now proud to be broadcasting her love of local food and sustainability as a marketing assistant in DFW. As a native Texan, she is delighted to participate in her community's economy and contribute to ethical endeavors in our great state. Caitlyn believes that doing good and feeling good are connected, and couldn't be more excited to be a small part of such a great thing. In her time away from Greenling, she enjoys books, dogs, and cooking.
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