Sharks Love Local Food! DFW Local Box Meal Plan


Anyone else excited about Shark Week? This week I couldn’t resist making a shark-ish shape from our sweet local blueberries! If only sharks ate local fruits and veggies instead of adorable seals. Hope you enjoy these dishes while settling in for a week of excitement! In addition to the delicious produce shown above, this week you’ll receive one “Surprise Me” fruit or veggie (like radishes!)

Appetizer: Sliced Zucchini rounds are simple (and gluten-free) stages for cheese, herbs, and other yummy things! Try this recipe using goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Try it with Asian Pears and diced basil!

Side: Still working on finding your favorite okra recipe? Like most veggies, okra is delicious roasted! It looses the gooeyness and releases a nice seared aroma.

Salad: Mellow cantaloupe and sweet blueberries pair well in this simple fruit salad. I’ll use local basil instead of mint!

Dinner: Our Local Box recipe blogger Astaire of Chic Organic Mama created this gorgeous stir-fry with radishes, carrots, Asian pears, and greens! Radishes are one of the Surprise Me items this week! We love how colorful it is! Serve alongside rice or noodles for a simple meatless meal any day of the week.

Dinner: Roasted chicken doesn’t have to be reserved for cold weather! Perfect your chicken roasting skills with potatoes, onions, and basil from this week’s box. Try this recipe for a simple, nearly one pan dinner!

About Margo

Margo is the Yolkal Marketer for Greenling DFW, and relishes in sharing the Greenling gospel with the public! She loves supporting local businesses and local food systems. The best part of her job is playing with the beautiful veggies in the Local Box. Margo loves taking work home with her (in the form of delicious local food) and thinks everything is better topped with a fried egg. Her other favorite things are coffee, pugs, and cheese.