10 Cool Things To Do With Dates

Fresh dates aren’t easy to come by ’round these parts- their season is quick and their harvests are usually small. But our amazing and talented buyer in DFW was able to score some for this week’s Local Box! Now that you have a pint of delicious, fresh dates you may be wondering what to do with them. Don’t worry, we’ve got it under control.


1. Everyone loves candy and candied dates are no exception! This recipe may take awhile, but the results are well worth it.

2. Want a faster, but equally sweet recipe? Take a tip from the Italians and serve those fresh dates with coffee cream.

3. Create a fresh fruit medley with this recipe for a fig, apple and date salad.

4. For the meat lovers out there, try  wrapping  and stuffing the dates before grilling them. Perhaps with bacon?

5. Not a fan of bacon? Stuff them with pistachios instead!

6. Food Network’s Alex Guarnaschelli knows what she’s talking about. Date compote with fresh pears would make even the most icy hearts melt with first ‘date’ love.

7. Fresh dates have a similar texture to apples- by combing them both in a crumble  you may just be overwhelmed by deliciousness.

8. Even the kiddos will love this one- fresh date and pears muffins. 

9. Pomegranates are even harder to find locally, but if you happen to score this delicious fruit at your local organic store, mix them up with a fresh date and pomegranate salad. 

10. And if you don’t feel like cooking them right now, you can always dry the dates yourself and save them for another day.

About Angela

Angela is originally from Seattle, but has called Texas home for the last ten years! She works at Greenling DFW and loves spreading the Greenling message in North Texas. Angela was the voice behind Greenling DFW's Local Box meal plans until she recently accepted a position in education in Dallas-Fort Worth. With the rest of her time, Angela plays roller derby here in Dallas and spoils her cat-child, Winston.