10 Cool Things To Do With Dill

So you’ve opened up your Local Box and you’re left in awestruck wonderment at the glory you see before you.  Scrumptious squash, tempting turnips, delicious dill! Wait. Dill? What in the world am I going to cook my family with dill, you wonder. Well, besides  containing the magical ability to turn cucumbers into pickles, dill is actually a fairly versatile herb. Here are some delicious ways to feed your family dill!

1. Try Hungarian style summer squash and dill to quell hungry tummies and expand  your culinary palette!

2. Go Greek for a night and make your own tzatziki sauce! Dill is a main ingredient in this delicious sauce that goes great on a pita sandwich.

3. Dill is an easy, but delicious way to spice up chicken. Lemon dill chicken skewers!? Who could resist?

4. Tyler Florence understands the wonderful potential of dill and seafood! Try out his pan seared salmon with sour cream and dill and you’ll understand too!

5. Potatoes are a staple of American cooking, cook up some roasted dill potatoes if your family seems reluctant to try dill! Potatoes will surely change their minds.

6. Even with summer approaching, we all crave soup sometimes! A chilled cucumber and dill soup  is perfect for lunch in any season.

7. If you don’t feel like using fresh dill, hang it upside down by the stem in a warm, dry area of your house and let it dry out. The dill will be ready to store after a couple days when the leaves crumble in your hand. Make sure to store it in an airtight container!

8. Are you looking for a side dish to complete a meal? Rice is a great place to start, add some dill and make garlic dill rice to spice up any meal!

9. Dill is a fantastic way to add some adventure to bread! Dill and cheddar beer bread is an excellent compliment to a hearty soup.

10. And finally, no list of dill would be complete without pickles. I can’t share with you my grandma’s secret recipe, but here’s a great guide complete with photos for the pickle novice!

About Angela

Angela is originally from Seattle, but has called Texas home for the last ten years! She works at Greenling DFW and loves spreading the Greenling message in North Texas. Angela was the voice behind Greenling DFW's Local Box meal plans until she recently accepted a position in education in Dallas-Fort Worth. With the rest of her time, Angela plays roller derby here in Dallas and spoils her cat-child, Winston.

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